Friday, April 20, 2018

Headwaters of Rocky Brook - Sterling MA

This is an area particularly rich in individual rock piles and small sites. I came back here thinking there were some "upper valleys" on the right hand side of the map fragment, where I had not been. This included parking on Upper North Row Rd, next to the old road, heading down the hill and exploring up the valley of the brook there - Rocky Brook and seeing what there was to see.
There is actually a site right next to the road and up behind one of the houses there. As I stepped into the woods I encountered the edges of that site. Looking back towards the road:
Piles made from quartz are rare around here. I only remember seeing one other (Blanchard Rd...somewhere). Continuing:
There is a good amount of quartz in the rock around there, so I found lots of quartz in the walls and piles. Here, a stray rock-on-rock:
And there is something interesting down next to the brook:
It took a while to process this. I was thinking it was a dam (see previously posted video) but actually you can see it is a road coming across from the upper left down to the brook. In this next picture you can see the road going down and across the brook.
Here is another view. I am afraid I never really captured a good sense of the shape of the thing:
The first thing I noticed coming up to it were the strategically placed chunks of quartz, but none show up in these photos. Also there is a distinct shape to the structure which I could not make sense of. It could be another one of those brook-side mounds I generalized about recently (at the end of this post). 
One thought was that the structure was part of a mill and the 'road' was actually a millrace. But no, it goes off next to a pile of smaller rocks, and remains a road:
Seen from the brook, there is a pile with colored quartz:
It is easy, at this time of year, to see faint hints of trail on the ground. It can give you hints of where the foot traffic was. In this previous photo, I see a bit of trail from down to the colored quartz from the pile of small rocks above. Closeup, a pretty rock:
Here is a view of the large structure from above - (the colored rock pile is to the left, and there are chunks of quartz in fore- and back-ground.
Note the short stretch of wall to the upper right (again, here:)
Again, there are hints of trails, showing us how people may have moved around these structures. And there is a reasonably clear association of trails and old roads with this palce. Someone interested in surveying should go have a close look at this. 

In the woods nearby (south of the brook):
And other examples of quartz:
As I say, it is an area full of small features. Like this one from lower down the same brook, a place of gurgling water:
A couple other things worth showing - a "corner bulge"
 And a rock on rock with some parallelism between the rock shapes.
Would you want to make something of this?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

More appetizer

This is near the top of Rocky Brook Sterling

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sunday, April 29 - Friends of Pinehawk Community Service Day

Here is a notice from the Friends of Pine Hawk.

Sunday, April 29 - Friends of Pine Hawk Community Service Day

A new Acton trail is in its infancy!  To be called the Nashoba Trail (NT), it will be an extension of the Trail Through Time (TTT).  It will begin on the newly opened Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (BFRT), and wind through a series of town open spaces to connect with the Sarah Doublet Forest in Littleton. The NT project will be sponsored jointly by Littleton's and Acton's Conservation Trusts.  The first section of this new trail will be a short link that connects the TTT to the BFRT.

That's where local volunteers can help on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 1 PM. The effort will focus on clearing brush and tidying up this link which has existed informally between the stone chamber and the old railroad bed since before the NorthBriar subdivision was developed.  Please RSVP to Linda McElroy at 978-429-8000 or Bob Ferrara at or 978-263-8642.  Also you are welcome to join the group for lunch beforehand at 11:30 at Legends Cafe in West Acton. 
Cheers, Linda McElroy & Bob Ferrara

N.B. You are receiving this notice because you asked to be notified of Friends of Pine Hawk activities. If you wish to unsubscribe, please e-mail  

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sweet potato news

[Also not rock pile related]
Someone smarter than me needs to read this. It seems to be saying: the sweet potato was in Polynesia more than 800,000 years ago, therefore it was brought to Polynesia by Polynesians on their way back from the Americas. Hun?....What?

Could someone explain that to me? I am so skeptical of the nonsense geneticists serve up to bolster conventional archaeology, I cannot tell if the article is the usual nonsense, or if it has some kind of logic that escapes me. You decide:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Monday, April 09, 2018

Scheduled Talks by Doug Harris

(via Kathy Taylor):
Ceremonial Stone Landscapes 

Tribes want to work with town's historical commissions with memorandums of understanding for identification and preservation of ceremonial stone landscapes
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