Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Remember the woods?

Maybe I'll just post some random pics from last season.

Millstone Hill
College Rock, down by the brook:
The old trail (also College Rock) (a zigzag on the left of the picture):
Here it winds its way between piles:
Darn that's pretty!

The place is a museum, in case you haven't been.

Cranberry Hill Lincoln. Now there is an old line of rock piles:
Lovell Reservoir:
These places are pretty, as you drive past. Suspect, though, that the woods are full of these:
And these:

Ooh. I forgot about that orange rock on the right:

That's enough for now. Plenty more pictures where these came from.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Buried in snow

I suppose it goes without saying that there is no going outside for walks at the moment in Middlesex Massachusetts. I guess some people are probably cross-country skiing and - hearty souls - snowshoeing, but at 12 F and quite windy, I am not going out. There are no rocks to be seen and it is a great opportunity to laze about for a few weekends.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Anyone know about Mt Kidder?

A reader asks:

I guess Mt. Kidder is the same place as Kidder Mountain? If so, do you know if there is still a grave slab there, in memory of Col. Reuben Kidder. I live in NC and know a lovely 97 year-old lady who is descended from Reuben.

Monday, January 01, 2018

The best rock piles of 2017

Jan 6, Flagg Hill With Joe.

Jan 14:
Theories of trails, cross roads, and site locations.

Jan 26:
Fieldtrips to Sandy Pond with the Ladies from Harvard.

Feb 13:
More theories of trails and horizon padding - ghosts seen in the powdering of snow.

March 30:
Piles from Hillman Minnesota. [Later we heard more about ones from Redwing]

Many public meetings about rock piles, from Rolf Cachat Schilling to NEARA

April 17:
Wonderful new finds from northern Concience Hill, Westford.

April 3:
A nice little place in Groton, where it is hard to find things..

May 4:
Rock pile at bottom of vernal pond. A surprising number of experts emerge on the subject,

May 8th
Rectangular mound with hollow - made of dirt. Looking at the photo, I remember this was one of the nicest things to find - in a place where there were not many loose cobbles available.

June 20:
Rediscovering Mavor and Dix's propped boulder from middle of nowhere Lunenburg:

June 22:
Above Above the Falls with the FFH

Aug 16:
Redwing Mn cairns.

And the energy seems to fade. In many other places I went looking for rectangular mounds and, usually found them. EMC bulldozed a beautiful site. Took some nice walks with friends, especially down in Hopkinton and Holliston. Where the piles are so pretty:

More and more people out finding rock piles on their own.

Oct 30:
Revisiting the Valleys of Cranberry Hill Lincoln:

Nov 28:
A quartz fish effigy (I guess).

Nov 28:
Concord Female Effigy Gone.

More walks, with friends to Abbot-Reed -Powell in Harvard. And with sons on South Manoosnoc.